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Where Dirty Cars Become Clean

By using one of Bubbaʼs Bubbles touch-less car washes, you are being environmentally conscious while protecting your vehicles resell value! Automatic car washes save water, reduce groundwater pollution, and also preserve your carʼs paint and finish which helps retain its value.

Bubbaʼs Bubbles high-quality automatic car washes provide a more efficient wash, and a cleaner vehicle than standard brush car washes. With our open-bay design, you also no longer need to worry if your vehicle is in the tracks, just drive in, let us work our magic, and carry on with your day! Visit your closest Bubbaʼs Bubbles location today and make dirty, clean again!

Conveniently located

Quick, efficient, and easy to use

Extended operating hours

State-of-the-art touch-less systems

Touchless Car Wash Locations

340 26th St E

  • 2 Automatic Car Wash
  • Car Wash
  • (Self Serve Bays)
  • Open 24/7

Commercial Laundry Services

At Village Laundry, we believe that a clean crew is a productive crew! By outsourcing your commercial laundry needs to Village Laundry, you can focus on the things that matter the most - like growing your business!

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(701) 572-4806


Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

Use your pass at both Automatic and Self-Serve car washes and save!

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