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Bubba’s Bubbles

Williston, ND 58801

(701) 572-4806

Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

Use your pass at both Automatic and Self-Serve car washes and save!

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Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
➡️Settle a debate for us... what's the best car scent?!

🌲New Car Scent
🌲Royal Pine
🌲Black Ice
Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
Let's play another round of THIS or THAT💦

Do you reach for Gain or Tide on laundry day? Or is there another product you think is better?🧺

Tell us why! We use your feedback to make sure we offer the best services in town.💙
Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
Trying to save some extra cash on your next wash?🤑

The VIP Wash pass acts as a reloadable gift card for our washes. However, when you load money onto your card, we give you 20% more than you actually pay.

That means...
💸$𝟐𝟓 = $𝟑𝟎
💸$𝟓𝟎 = $𝟔𝟎
💸$𝟏𝟎𝟎 =$𝟏𝟐𝟎

You can stop by the Village Laundry Hal-mart location by Papa Johns on 26th Street East to purchase one for yourself!
Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
It's #FunFactFriday 🤩

➡️On Fun Fact Fridays, we'll share info you may not know about our business and our services!

Did you know we also own & operate Village Laundry? At the Village, we specialize in commercial laundry, uniform services, and drop-off laundry for Williston and surrounding areas. The Village also serves as our headquarters for Bubba's Bubbles. 🧺

Drop a question you have for us below so we can answer on the next #FunFactFriday!
Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
Let's play THIS or THAT:

Automatic or Self-Serve Wash? Tell us why!🫧🧼
Bubba's Bubbles
Bubba's Bubbles
What's your go-to wash selection at the automatic wash? Let us know⬇️

Commercial Laundry Services

At Village Laundry, we believe that a clean crew is a productive crew! By outsourcing your commercial laundry needs to Village Laundry, you can focus on the things that matter the most - like growing your business!

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